Studio Equipment

Audient iD44 Interface

Your audio is only as good as the analog to digital converter you use. The iD44 has the same class A preamps that Audient has been known for for generations. Audio is crystal clear and clean.

Genelec 8020 Studio Monitors

High quality monitors are the only way to find intricacies in the audio that need adjusted. Genelec is a highly trusted brand in the near-field monitor game. This is just one more piece of the puzzle to ensure you receive extremely high quality audio.

Soyuz Microphone

Taste in microphones is subjective to say the least. Finding what works best on your voice can be a process. The Soyuz SU-023 condenser is handmade in Tula, Russia giving it a character that is like no other, and quality that can only be found in a handmade product. Your VO project will stand out thanks to the characteristics of this mic.

Adobe Audition DAW

Adobe Audition is an industry standard digital audio workstation known around the globe for its power. Your projects can be tracked and edited in no time thanks to Adobe’s ability.