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Even though working as an IT professional for many years, Alex is no stranger to music, broadcast, or voice work. In fact, for many years he worked for a large broadcasting company in Morgantown, WV. However, he wasn’t on the air, or in any creative capacity. He was the company’s “IT guy.” During his time there, he has the pleasure of getting a glimpse “inside” the VO world, learning from talented people, and understanding the ins and out of the equipment.

But even that wasn’t the beginning. Alex has always had a passion for music. Playing a number of instruments over the years, singing and preforming in front of very large crowds, he’s no stranger to a microphone. Voice over was a logical next step. Alex is still an IT professional by day, but voice over is a passion that helps him separate from work.

Alex’s voice is best described as “corporate/ conversational.” He’s an excellent fit for training videos, explainer videos, radio, TV, and internet ads, phone systems, and many other projects. Contact Alex today to discuss your next project.


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Alex Linger
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Alex Linger
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